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Feel inspired and at home in the beautiful, well decorated, clean room in the Connect-Inn. Mathilde, your therapist and host, will take excellent care of you.

Do you have stress symptoms after recently receiving a bad message or diagnosis that scares you and takes up all of your attention? Are you having trouble thinking clearly and making the right decisions? Are you emotionally confused and sleeping poorly?

Are you looking for an alternative, holistic treatment after divorce or being diagnosed with cancer, depression, burnout, or chronic illness? Do you need an independent expert with a clear approach? Do you want to break the cycle of emotions and stress in a natural, safe and pleasant way, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep again and feel emotionally relaxed and stable?

Connect-Inn, is your stress free B&B, if you are interested in personal development, culture and prefer great, personal and local hospitality

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Owner of the house

Welcome in my house!
Hi, I’m Mathilde. I live here in this nice house with my daughter and granddaughter. They live in the apartment on the 2nd floor.

My passion is yoga. I love to practise and teach. So if you are interested in a private class, don’t hesitate to contact me. I teach at different schools and am specialized in relaxation, hormones and stress. I also work as a therapist in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Enjoy a healthy, relaxing stay at Connect-Inn

Sometimes complete strangers are the most helpful souls. They touch your life in a way that you get indebted to them forever. Same is true for Mathilde. When we arrived in Amsterdam, my husband had, unfortunately, injured his leg badly. As he was completely unable to walk, we were facing much difficulties and were very dejected. We had completely written off our Amsterdam vacation. But then, Mathilde went all out to help us in the moment of distress. From arranging crutches, through her network, to driving us all the way to Amstelveen and guiding us about everything. We are extremely grateful for everything she did for us during our stay. Our Amsterdam vacation would have been ruined without her generosity. Mathilde is very polite and lovely to talk to. I had heard a lot about kindness of Dutch people. It was overwhelming for us to witness it first-hand.

About the apartment

No one can ask for anything more. It’s perfect! To all the fellow travelers, if you are deciding to book a place for yourself in Amsterdam, stay with Mathilde. You’ll love it.

Ella and Nishant

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